10 craziest science stuffs

Well this science stuffs are very interesting some of them are totaly funny some are bizzare

Your hand can have a life of it's own

Alien hand syndrome (or Dr. Strangelove syndrome) is an unusual neurological disorder in which one of the sufferer's hands seems to take on a life of its own.

AHS is best documented in cases where a person has had the two hemispheres of their brain surgically separated, a procedure sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of extreme cases of epilepsy. It also occurs in some cases after other brain surgery, strokes, or infections. The HAND is after you!

You can Hypnotize Chickens

A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trance by holding its head down against the ground, and continuously drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a finger, starting at its beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken.

If the chicken is hypnotized in this manner, it will remain immobile for somewhere between 15 seconds to 30 minutes, continuing to stare at the line.

Don't laugh too much, it can kill you

Fatal hilarity is death as a result of laughter. In the third century B.C. the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter after seeing a donkey eating figs (hey, it wasn't THAT funny).

On 24 March 1975 Alex Mitchell, a 50-year-old bricklayer from King's Lynn, England, literally died laughing while watching an episode of The Goodies. According to his wife, who was a witness, Mitchell was unable to stop laughing whilst watching a sketch in the episode "Kung Fu Kapers" in which Tim Brooke-Taylor, dressed as a kilted Scotsman, used a set of bagpipes to defend himself from a psychopathic black pudding in a demonstration of the Scottish martial art of "Hoots-Toot-ochaye". After twenty-five minutes of continuous laughter Mitchell finally slumped on the sofa and expired from heart failure. His widow later sent the Goodies a letter thanking them for making Mitchell's final moments so pleasant.

A weapon could make you Gay

Gay bomb is an informal name for a potential non-lethal chemical weapon, which a U.S. Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing.

In one sentence of the document it was suggested that a strong aphrodisiac could be dropped on enemy troops, ideally one which would also cause "homosexual behaviour". So that's how they got Saddam!

It's true, Men can breastfeed

The phenomenon of male lactation in humans has become more common in recent years due to the use of medications that stimulate a human male's mammary glands.

Male lactation is most commonly caused by hormonal treatments given to men suffering from prostate cancer. It is also possible for males (and females) to induce lactation through constant massage and simulated 'sucking' of the nipple over a long period of time (months).

Bart Simpson's Tomacco (half tomato, half tobacco) was possible

A tomacco is originally a fictional hybrid fruit that is half tomato and half tobacco, from the 1999 episode "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)" of The Simpsons; the method used to create the tomacco in the episode is fictional.

The tomacco became real when it was allegedly produced in 2003. Inspired by The Simpsons, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, Oregon successfully grafted a tomato plant onto the roots of a tobacco plant, which was possible because both plants come from the same family.

It's OK to have a third nipple

A supernumerary nipple (also known as a third nipple) is an additional nipple occurring in mammals including humans. Often mistaken for moles, supernumerary nipples are diagnosed at a rate of 2% in females, less in males. The nipples appear along the two vertical "milk lines" which start in the armpit on each side, run down through the typical nipples and end at the groin. They are classified into eight levels of completeness from a simple patch of hair to a milk-bearing breast in miniature.

You can die on the Toilet

There are many toilet-related injuries and some toilet-related deaths throughout history and in urban legends.

In young boys, one of the most common causes of genital injury is when the toilet seat falls down while using the toilet.

George II of Great Britain died on the toilet on 25 October 1760 from an aortic dissection. According to Horace Walpole's memoirs, King George "rose as usual at six, and drank his chocolate; for all his actions were invariably methodic. A quarter after seven he went into a little closet. His German valet de chambre in waiting heard a noise, and running in, found the King dead on the floor."

Picking one's nose and eating it might be healthy

Mucophagy (literally mucus-eating, also referred as picking one's nose and eating it) is the consumption of the nasal mucus, boogers, and other detritus obtained from nose-picking.

Some research suggests that mucophagy may be a natural and even healthy activity, which exposes the digestive system to bacteria accumulated in the mucus, thereby helping to strengthen the immune system.

You can have an erection once dead

A death erection (sometimes referred to as "angel lust") is a post-mortem erection which occurs when a male individual dies vertically or face-down – the cadaver remaining in this position. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures a relatively even distribution around the blood vessels of the human body. Once this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity acts upon the blood. As with any mass, the blood settles at the lowest point of the body and causes edema or swelling to occur; the discoloration caused by this is called lividity.
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weird dog costumes

Check out these ultra funny,cute and weird dog costumes.
Poor little dogs that has to wear silly little costumes at the mercy of their owners. Don't they care about dog rights at all?

Ferrari made in "wool"

HERE’S a sports car you could pullover very smartly in — a Ferrari knitted from WOOL.

Art student Lauren Porter spent ten months making the full-size replica using 12 MILES of yarn.

The car, a cross between a Testarossa and a 355, is made of more than 250 squares over a steel frame and the horse badge is hand-embroidered.

Lauren, 22, who goes to Bath Spa University, said: “I get men admiring the racing lines and old women look at the needlework.”

drunk pelican hits windshield

LAGUNA BEACH, California,USA. - The driver was sober. The bird he hit may have been under the influence. A California brown pelican flew through the windshield of a motorist on the Pacific Coast Highway in Orange County Thursday, and wildlife officials said the bird was probably intoxicated by a chemical in the water.

Though toxicology tests take several weeks, the odd bird behavior was likely the result of poisoning from domoic acid, which has been found in the ocean in the area, said Lisa Birkle, assistant wildlife director at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach.

Birds can be poisoned through eating algae tainted by the acid.

The driver was not hurt. The pelican needed surgery for a broken foot, and also had a gash on its pouch.

"She's hanging in there," Birkle said.

The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center has received 16 calls of strange bird behavior in the past week, and was holding three other birds found disoriented and wandering through yards and in streets.

Domoic acid poisoning was the most likely cause of a 1961 invasion of thousands of frantic seabirds in Northern California that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds."

Those birds flew into buildings and pecked several humans.

Pelicans have excellent eyesight and they are unlikely to have flown into a car without some kind of intoxication, Birkle said.

25 craziest deads

This is a list of crazy, weird and even funny deaths of prominent people in the last 100 years:

The Jockey died but the Horse kept going... and WON!

Frank Hayes, jockey, suffered a heart attack during a horse race. The horse, Sweet Kiss, went on to finish first, making Hayes the only deceased jockey to win a race. (1953)

Teenager killed by a MiG-23 fighter jet
A Belgian teenager was killed by a crashing soviet MiG-23 fighter jet, which escaped from Poland on autopilot after the crew ejected over a false engine failure alarm. (1989)

Killed and eaten by a classmate
A 25-year-old Dutch woman studying in Paris, Renée Hartevelt, was killed and eaten by a classmate, Issei Sagawa, when he invited her to dinner for a literary conversation. The killer was declared unfit to stand trial and extradited back to Japan, where he was released from custody within fifteen months. (1981)

Prince of Nepal didn't like his Royal Family
On June 1, Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal, enraged from a dispute over his marriage arrangements (and possibly intoxicated), reportedly went on a rampage at dinner and massacred nearly the entire Royal Family, including his father the king. But in accordance with custom and tradition, Dipendra, then in a coma due to wounds sustained either from palace guards or a botched suicide attempt, became king for three days before dying on June 4. He was succeeded by his uncle, whose son mysteriously survived the massacre unscathed. (2001)

Don't touch the animals you freak!
Kenneth Pinyan an Enumclaw, Seattle WA. man, died of acute peritonitis after submitting to anal intercourse with a stallion. The man had done this before, though apparently this time his partner was a little too keen, and delayed several hours to visit hospital wishing to avoid official cognisance. The case may lead to the criminalization of bestiality in Washington. (2005)

Decapitated by a helicopter blade
Vic Morrow, actor, was decapitated by helicopter blade during filming of "Twilight Zone: The Movie" and was killed instantly, along with two child actors Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen. (1982)

Distracted by his wife, in the middle of World War I
François Faber, Luxembourgean Tour de France winner, died in a trench on the western front of World War I. He received a telegram saying his wife had given birth to a daughter. He cheered, giving away his position, and was shot by a German sniper (1915).

The politician shot himself during a TV conference
R. Budd Dwyer, a Republican politician, committed suicide during a televised press conference. Facing a potential 55-year jail sentence for alleged involvement in a conspiracy, Dwyer shot himself in the head with a revolver. (1987)

Assassinated with an Umbrella
Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, was assassinated by poisoning in London by an unknown assailant who shot him in the leg with a specially modified umbrella that fired a metal pellet with a small cavity full of ricin poison. (1978)

Brandon Lee and the magic bullet
Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, was shot and killed by a prop .44 Magnum while filming the movie The Crow. The scene involved the firing of a full-powder blank (full charge of gunpowder, but no bullet) at Brandon's character. However, unknown to the film crew/firearms technician, a bullet was already lodged in the barrel. (1993)

He swallowed a toothpick on a party
Sherwood Anderson, writer, swallowed a toothpick at a party and then died of peritonitis. (1941)

A foil pierced his eyeball and entered his brain
Vladimir Smirnov, an Olympic champion fencer, died of brain damage nine days after his opponent's foil snapped during a match, pierced his eyeball and entered his brain. (1982)

Jack Daniel's much needed Anger Management
Jack Daniel, founder of the famous Tennessee whiskey distillery, died of blood poisoning due to a toe injury he received after kicking his safe in anger when he could not remember its combination code. (1911)

Decaptitated by his car's drive chain, but it was worth it!
J.G. Parry-Thomas, a British racing driver, was decaptitated by his car's drive chain which, under duress, snapped and whipped into the cockpit. He was attempting to break his own Land speed record which he had set the previous year. Incredibly enough, despite being killed in the attempt, he succeeded in setting a new record of 171mph. (1927)

A homeless man killed to collect his life insurance
Michael Malloy, a homeless man, was murdered by gassing after surviving multiple poisonings, intentional exposure, and being struck by a car. Malloy was murdered by five men in a plot to collect on life insurance policies they'd purchased. (1933)

4 Weeks without water on the Libyan Desert
Lady be Good, a USAAF B-24 bomber lost its way and crash landed in the Libyan Desert. The Mummified remains of its crew, who struggled for a week without water, were not found until 1960. (1943)

The right song for his last performance
Famed baritone Leonard Warren collapsed on the stage of the New York Metropolitan Opera of a massive stroke during a performance of "La forza del destino" (The force of destiny). (1960)

Apollo 1's deadly training exercise
A flash fire began in the pure oxygen atmosphere inside the unlaunched Apollo 1 spacecraft, killing its crew during a training exercise. (1967)

The Prime Minister can't swim
Harold Holt, the serving Prime Minister of Australia, vanished while swimming on a beach near Melbourne. His body was never found. (1967)

"Are we boring you, Mr. Rodale?"
Jerome Irving Rodale, an American pioneer of organic farming, died of a heart attack while being interviewed on the Dick Cavett Show. When he appeared to fall asleep, Cavett quipped "Are we boring you, Mr. Rodale?". The show was never broadcast. (1971)

And this is Live News...
Christine Chubbuck, an American television news reporter committed suicide during a live broadcast on July 15th. At 9:38 AM, 8 minutes into her talk show, on WXLT-TV in Sarasota, Florida, she drew out a revolver and shot herself in the head. (1974)

Not a good entrance for this WWF Wrestler
Owen Hart, WWF (now WWE) wrestler, died when he fell 78 feet while being lowered into the ring by a cable from the stadium rafters before an upcoming match. He had been scheduled to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship that night. (1999)

Wasn't that just part of the act?
Tommy Cooper, British magician, died on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre during a live television routine. Most of the audience and viewers believed it was part of his act. (1984)

As you said: "Too bad you can only live so long"
Richard Versalle suffered a heart attack onstage at the New York Metropolitan Opera after delivering the line "Too bad you can only live so long" during a performance of The Makropulos Case. (1996)

Nasty weather for this environmentalist
American environmentalist Timothy Treadwell, self-proclaimed "eco-warrior" that had lived in the wilderness among bears for thirteen summers in a remote portion of Alaska, was killed and partially consumed along with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard after they had been slated to leave due to the impending harsh fall/winter in Alaska. The critically-acclaimed documentary film Grizzly Man, directed by Werner Herzog, was released in 2005.

beer pool

An Austrian holiday resort is offering guests the chance to swim in a pool containing 42,000 pints of beer.

The Starkenber Beer Myth resort located in and around the medieval castle of Starkenberger in Austria's Tyrol region has filled seven 13ft long pools with the beer.

The management claims that beer baths heal various skin diseases.

However, some guests are said to have enjoyed drinking their favourite brew while swimming in the pools.

Duo-2 nose dog

It is a case of double trouble for Duo the two-nosed dog.

Not only does the Staffordshire bull terrier have two noses, he is also looking for a new home.

Potential new owners are being put off because of the loveable dog’s harelip.

The three-year-old was either lost or abandoned by his previous owners and was handed over to the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter by police.

Staff at the centre in Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne- who named him Duo because of his double nose - are having problems finding a home for the well-trained dog because of his unique appearance.

Michelle Pyle, head of fundraising at the centre, said: “We’ve had a few people come and see him and say he’s a freak.

“Duo is not a freak, he’s just unusual. Not many people can say they’ve got a dog like that.”

Duo’s double-nose is caused by a condition which in humans is called a harelip, but rarely occurs to such an extent in animals.

Ms Pyle said vets had not seen a harelip to such an extent in a dog before.
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Pregnant with 5 baby

Qiao Yubo, who is pregnant with at least five babies, walks with her husband, right, in Songyuan, in China's northeast Jilin province, Sunday, June 11, 2006. Qiao, who is 1.67-meters tall, has a waistline measurement of 1.75 meters, five months into her pregnancy. Qiao's excessive bulk is causing difficulties in getting around, with taxi drivers too afraid to take her in their cars. Her clothing is all custom-made and she eats up to seven meals a day. (AP Photo/EyePress)

Alcoholic monkey

A beer guzzling monkey is among the first to make a beeline for the local liquor shop, so that she can lay her hands on her fix for the day. It started as a joke for some truck drivers, but it has turned into an addiction for this 34 year old primate.
She arrives at the shop on the outskirts of the North Indian city of Kanpur, a right before it opens. She is looking forward to a pint or two from the owner or from any of the amused customers. Locals say that Banno has never failed to visit the beer shop in all these years.

[Rakesh Singh Chauhan, beer shop owner]: "It is a pet. Earlier the drivers visiting the shop used to give beer just for some lighthearted fun but slowly the monkey got addicted to it. She has been drinking beer for the last 20 years. She drinks at least 2-3 bottles everyday. She is roughly 34-year-old and drinks only beer."

New customers love the sight of the monkey's drinking binge. Most of the customers vouch for her calm behavior, saying she really doesn't misbehave, even when she doesn't get a beer. And once she has a drink in her hand, she becomes completely oblivious to the world around her.

[Atul Singh Sengar, a customer]: "She can even consume 5-6 bottles a day. She does ask for beer from the customers in her own language. She doesn't bite if beer is not given to her. But if she is teased then she can react."

Monkeys are generally revered in India and many Hindus worship them as a form of the monkey-god Hanuman. Devotees often offer fruits and food to the primates.

Jack the cat chases the bear up tree

WEST MILFORD, N.J. - A black bear picked the wrong yard for a jaunt, running into a territorial tabby who ran the furry beast up a tree - twice.

Jack, a 15-pound orange and white cat, keeps a close vigil on his property, often chasing small animals, but his owners and neighbors say his latest escapade was surprising.

"We used to joke, 'Jack's on duty,' never knowing he'd go after a bear," owner Donna Dickey told The Star-Ledger of Newark for Friday's editions.

Neighbor Suzanne Giovanetti first spotted Jack's accomplishment after her husband saw a bear climb a tree on the edge of their northern New Jersey property on Sunday. Giovanetti thought Jack was simply looking up at the bear, but soon realized the much larger animal was afraid of the hissing cat.

After about 15 minutes, the bear descended and tried to run away, but Jack chased it up another tree.

Dickey, who feared for her cat, then called Jack home and the bear scurried back to the woods.

"He doesn't want anybody in his yard," Dickey said.

Bear sightings are not unusual in West Milford, which experts consider one of the state's most bear-populated areas.
Taken from ESPN news

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