The most ugliest and craziest Europian cars


A both funny and dented car. IThis model has its origin in Fiat 600. It has an air-cooled V4-engine on 887 cm³ and 30 hp. It was made 1960-1970.


A cheap car for disabled people made in Chechoslovakia 1954-1971. It has a JAWA-engine on 250 and later 350 cm³. The "body" was made of pegamoid.
Pictures says more than words.

Moskvitch cars were never meant to be a fashion statement. They were sturdy, reliable on substandard roads and were offered at an affordable price. The 1960s and early 1970s were the glory days, when the cars were exported to many countries throughout the world.

Yugo 45
Styled by Zastava, it was called the Yugo 45, and it was related to the Fiat 127, but different in appearance. Examples were made with the 903cc, 1100cc, and 1300cc engines. The 1100cc and the 1300cc versions were sold in the USA as the Yugo GV, GVL, GVS, GVX, GV Plus, and the Cabrio.
Yugo GV is proclaim of the worst car ever made but thats not true couse Yugo GV is much better than Yugo 45

The famous " plastic" car,made in eastern germany,the Trabant's body panels were made of Duroplast, a form of plastic containing resin strengthened by wool or cotton. This helped the GDR to avoid expensive steel imports, but did not provide much crash protection.


IZh in Izhevsk, Russia is a weapon factory that produces the (in)famous AK-47 Kalashnikov , but they also produces civil products like cars and motorcycles.

Dacia 1300
Romanian car Dacia 1300 was the gratest model of Dacia ever,it was cheap and for many people only affordable .This is actualy Renault car.

Fiat 125 PZ (polski fiat)
It was a somewhat simplified variation of the Fiat car, with outdated engines and mechanicals from the Fiat 1300/1500.

Skoda Estelle

Famous Czech car but ugly as night
Great fun to drive, especially for 150 quid! Interesting handling, but there isn't enough power to get into trouble so it doesn't matter!

FSO Polonez
The FSO Polonez is a Polish motor vehicle produced from 1978 to 2002.
Some says that is the greatest eastern europe cars ever made but i say its one of the ugliest.
Incredibly still working, heavy noisy, but has something different in design than other cars


Anonymous said...

like all personals opinions posted on the net, yours is not are completely wrong. learn some more, egt some more information then come back and we shall talk.

Anonymous said...

you will better read more about this cars. Every one of them has a intresting backroaud. These cars were the best choise at that time and people were glad to have one of this cars to fogget the hard times they were living.

Anonymous said...

Eu am Dacia 1310...Daca se zice ca e prin cele mai urate masini....trimiteti-mi ceva bani sa-mi iau si io o masina adevarata!Nu ma supar ! ;)

Anonymous said...

I own an FSO 125P my friend and I can tell you that........your probably right it is rubbish but that is kinda why I like it so much, its not pretty or fast but there is something very working class about it. Not to mention the fact they are very reliable and easy to fix. So in conclusion yes they are rubbish cars to some but to those of us lucky enough to have them they are pretty special and I'd much rather have one of these than an ever so dull Focus, 307, vectra etc

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow...some of al...of those cars r really ugly and really raggedy