World's most cursed places


Camp of Auschwitz was the largest of the Nazi German extermination camps, along with a number of concentration camps, comprising three main camps and 40 to 50 sub-camps.
The exact number of people killed in the camps is not known, but most modern estimates are around 1.1-1.6 million.Nazi Rudolf Höß said that between 2.5 and 3 million had been killed, while Adolf Eichmann gave a figure of 2 million.
This is the world's cursed place nr.1.When came there you just can't feel normal,death you can feel in the air.Its so freaky place cant describe it better.

Mooney's Mansion

The legend of Mooney's mansion is that of a Dr. Mooney who lived with his wife and children in one of the homes high atop Walhalla sometime in the 1920s or 1950s(depending on the story teller). He allegedly killed his family with an axe. The murderous act is reenacted nightly and can be seen through the windows of Mooney's Mansion.
After going to Walhalla Road we know that the legend is laid to rest. The house is no more haunted than any other house. We did agree that all the trees around it and being on the road at night would be erie, but that's it. The house is very well maintained as are all the other houses along the road.

Carnegie Library

Back in the 1980s the library outsourced the building cleaning to an independent company. Workers were in the building one night when they looked up and saw a person hovering in the north wing. The frightened workers refused to return to the library.
When the library was under construction, a tragic accident took the life of one carpenter. Those who follow the "spirit world" might say there is reason for a presence.
There have been the usual books on the floor and other unexplained happenings that served as fodder for the stories. Local merchants have held "ghost specials" and the library ghost at one time seemed to be a temporary boom for the Village of Paulding economy.
While the library was undergoing excavation for foundation water-proofing in the late 1990s, the director found a rusty old mule shoe. So maybe even now that mule is wandering around the library, looking for his missing shoe...
As of today, if there is a paranormal event or being among us, he or she has kept rather quiet. Well... almost. There was that one time when the director and the president of the Board of Trustees were walking towards the elevator. A large plant just suddenly and violently tipped to the ground. Fade to "Twilight Zone" music...

Rudolph Stepro House

After being shot in the head in battle, Rudolph Stepro could no longer deal with the agony of his life and thus committed suicide on the front porch of his farm house. Since then, the house has been plagued by strange occurrences. Among other things, water comes on by itself, the radio changes stations, and dishes fly through the air. The paranormal activity became so bad that the old house was torn down and replaced; the new house is plagued by the same spirits.

The Bush House

Many people have claimed to see the apparition of “Alice,” a young woman who hanged herself at the turn of the century when she heard that her lover was killed in a mining accident. As it turned out, her lover had not died; he came home and found her dead.A group of psychic investigators went through the place in about 2000 or there abouts and announced that it was “the most haunted place they had investigated”. In addition many former employees have stories to tell. In the past the owner seemed open to paranormal inquery of the hotel.

Scary Girl's House

It is said that many years ago, a serial rapist was running rampant through the town. Late one night a car pulled up to one female's house and started flashing the lights and honking the horn. Fearing that it was the rapist, the young lady called her boyfriend to come and protect her. Hurriedly trying to reach his love, the man was killed trying to make a sharp turn on his motorcycle. Allegedly, if one goes to the site of the girl's house and flashes his lights and honks his horn, the light of the motorcycle may be seen coming around the bend.

Hell' Bridge

The bridge has earned this name because it is said if one stops on the bridge and turns around, the road behind him looks like the fiery gates of Hell. Many years ago, a young couple lost their lives on this bridge. On a dark night, if one stops on the bridge and turns off all the lights, a member of the couple will get into the vehicle, leaving a wet spot on the seat. Hell's gate is now closed due to construction so you cant get to it from any roads that i know of. It's on the other side of the interstate from Cracker Barrel and Lonestar located on the road near the Old Davidson plantation house.

Mansion in Melrose Park

Beneath the mansion are the dungeons, dark vaults into which the light
of day never penetrates, where prisoners were confined during the Revolution.
The haunted chamber has a strange story connected with it.TO read all story click here.

Tsunami Beach Club

Built in 1866, this building was once frequented by such names as Wyatt Earp. There are said to be tunnels underneath the building, leading to other hotels in the area, allowing for either an escape, or quick getaway. The building is plagued by hissing sounds and footsteps. Many also feel as though they are constantly being watched.

Mary's House

This house, is haunted by two apparitions–Mary and her son. Sometimes Mary has been reported to be very nice; she teaches children nursery rhymes and reads them bed time stories. Other times, however, Mary is said to be very evil; she has set the house on fire at least four times. Once, she ripped a cat from a little girl’s arms and threw it down the hallway. Also in this house is one room that is freezing cold all the time. There have been reports of doors opening and closing by themselves, objects moving around, and television and radio stations changing alone.


Alcatraz was a military installation established in 1850, later used as a military prison.During its 29 years of operation, the penitentiary never logged any officially successful escapes. Thirty-four prisoners were involved in fourteen attempts, two men trying twice; seven were shot and killed, two drowned, five unaccounted for, the rest recaptured. Two prisoners made it off the island but were returned, one in 1945 and one in 1962.Now Alcatraz is a turist attraction and it is said that if one sleeps in a jail cell, sometime during the night, he will hear someone banging on the cell doors when no one is there.

NOTE:some is true,some probably not,anyway Happy Haloween!!!

Greatest movie murderers

Pinhead (Hellraiser)

The character of Pinhead presented something of a departure from the horror movie villains who preceded him. Unlike Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, he can and does speak. However, he speaks very little and is rarely comical, as Freddy Krueger or Chucky are. When he does indulge in humor, it is notably dry.Pinhead kills not indiscriminately, nor for vengeance; he kills because he was conjured from Hell by the opener of the puzzle box.Pinhead does not kill quickly; he and the Cenobites are well-versed in torture. Death does not end the suffering of his victims, either, as the victims are brought to Hell/The Labyrinth, where, Pinhead says, "We have an eternity to know your flesh."He is nearly physically unstoppable and invulnerable. He easily terrifies hordes of humans and can persuade anyone to do nearly anything. His favorite attack form is creating chains with hooks attached to perforate opponents and savagely mutilate them. These chains are subject to his total mental control and he may direct them any way at will. The chains may even change shape after having attached to a victim.

Chucky (Child's Play)

Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky for short is a doll that was possessed by means of voodoo magic by serial killer Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler. During most of his time as a doll, Chucky chased after a boy named Andy Barclay because Andy was the first person he told his real name to as a doll.He must transfer his soul into the body of the first person that he revealed his true identity to or else he will be trapped in the doll forever.
More here and Chucky game LINK

Michael Myers (Halloween)

Michael Myers (also known as The Shape), John Carpenter and Debra Hill developed the character for the film, which was originally called The Babysitter Murders. Myers never speaks and his "adult" face is rarely seen in any of the films. In the first Halloween installment, the mask was a Captain Kirk Halloween mask, modified by widening the eye sockets, teasing out the hair, and painting the face bluish-white. The character also wears dark blue mechanic's coveralls, and black army boots. The subsequent masks, different in each film, base their appearance upon this mask. Michael Myers is well over six feet tall, demonstrates superhuman strength together with animal-like cunning when searching for victims, and consistently displays a lack of human emotions.Halloween is the story of a boy who was misunderstood as a child. He takes out his problems on his older sister, whom he murders at the beginning of the film. This is just the start of things to come from Michael Myers.
Donald Pleasance plays the doctor who's been studying Myers for years. He knows that something is different about him, something mysteriously evil. This evil will not be contained, and it cannot be stopped.
After an escape from an institution, Myers tracks down his younger sister. If he kills her, there may be an end to the troubles of this misunderstood boy. But he seems to have problems in finishing his sister off as other people get in the way. He manages to take them out while still looking for that one girl he needs.

Leatherface (The Texas ChainSaw Massacre)

Leatherface is a "severely mentally retarded and severely mentally disturbed" man who wields a chainsaw. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was inspired in part by killer Ed Gein, who wore the skin of his victims and corpses.Leatherface's real name is Thomas Hewitt. His mother died giving birth to him at the meat factory where she worked, and Thomas was left to die in a dumpster.Thomas would later make a mask out of human skin by slicing off the face of one of his victims after killing him.With a healthy round of mass murder and cannibalistic tendencies under his belt, he remains a disturbing and unforgettable figure in the horror world.He wears a mask of crudely sewn together skin, taken from past victims. It is kind of reminiscent of facial surgery gone awry. He blunders along grunting and making other incomprehensible sounds as he goes. He has only a single friend. And that friend is his very own trusty, rusty chainsaw. Because to him, the saw is family.

Mickey and Malory Knox ( Natural born killers)

Mickey Knox is a meat man. He makes a house call one day to deliver quite a lot of pork. While the father is off argueing with his wife about his health, Malory come down the stairs looking like an angel. Mickey drops the meat, quickly flirts with her, and steals her father's car and takes her for a ride. Love is born.Together, they kill her parents and set her brother free before turning to Route 666.It is along that long stretch of the American landscape where Mickey and Mallory kill probably one hundred innocent people. Kill as they may, they always pick one to tell the tale, who is allowed to survive.

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

A vicious mass murderer, he has a presence in all the films, even when he is not the killer. With his trademark hockey goalie mask and machete, he is arguably among the most recognizable villains from any slasher film. Throughout the series, Jason has never spoken aside from occasional mumbles and groans, and a few words in the ninth film of the series when he possessed another man's body.Some fans believe that Jason is mentally disabled as well as deformed, but in-film details tend to indicate otherwise, and only his physical deformities are established canon so far. Jason was most certainly born with some degree of malformation -- as shown in the flashbacks of his drowning -- but his mental abilities are not clarified within the films. Nor is his onscreen portrayal consistent with that of a retarded man; Jason has exhibited intelligent traits such as stealth, cunning, combat ability such as knife-throwing and (in Jason Goes to Hell) the ability to speak. However, he regresses to childlike naivete when confronted with images that remind him of his past or his mother -- a fairly consistent trait throughout the series. A likely assumption is that Jason is not mentally disabled, but that he is, at least in part, still a child emotionally.

John Doe (Seven)

Hannibal Lecter, say hello to John Doe. He's your cinematic kin, a killer just as brilliant as you, just as brutal and remorseless.John Doe, played by an unbilled Kevin Spacey, isn't a cannibal, but a brainy psychopath who elaborately stages his murders and bases each on one of the seven deadly sins. And no, he doesn't feast on his victims with fava beans and a nice chianti (smack! smack!), but leaves the corpses in various stages of rot.
For his first showpiece, J.D. force- feeds an obese man to death and writes ``Gluttony'' in grease on his kitchen wall. ``Greed,'' written in blood, marks the spot where a fat-cat attorney is slaughtered in his showplace home. For ``Lust,'' John Doe forces a man to kill a prostitute with a blade-tipped dildo.

Freddy Krueger

Frederick Charles Krueger — or simply Fred or, most commonly, Freddy Krueger — is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of horror films.
As long as his victim was dreaming, Krueger could inhabit and control their dreams, twisting them to his own ends. Any physical harm done to a person in this dream world would carry over into the real world, allowing him to easily commit multiple murders. Krueger often toyed with his victims by changing his form and surroundings, usually resembling the boiler room where he was burned. His powers increased as more and more kids believed he existed. At the height of his powers, he could cause severe damage in the real world. This included possession of humans (as shown in the second Nightmare film and Freddy vs Jason) or his corpse (as shown in the third).
One, two, Freddy's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again….

Dr.Hannibal Lecter (Thomas Haris-Red Dragon,The Silence of the Lambs,Hannibal,Hannibal Rising)

Lecter is an ingenious, cultured psychiatrist and resourceful serial killer, who practices cannibalism upon his victims. He has often been rated amongst the greatest villains in literature and film.As a child, he showed the first and earliest sign of sociopathic behaviour: sadism towards animals.Lecter first appeared as a minor but important character in Harris's novel Red Dragon. In the next book, The Silence of the Lambs, Lecter came into his own, and the movie version highlighted the killer's complex relationship with FBI agent-in-training Clarice Starling. In these two novels, Lecter, in his indirect, Cheshire-Cat way, advises the FBI as they hunt for headline-making serial killers who are on the loose and very active. He himself is not the target of law enforcement's full-court press until Hannibal, the third book in this series. In Hannibal, Lecter is at large and up to his old tricks. His face altered by plastic surgery, he has taken a new identity and moved to Rome, an environment that better suits his cultivated tastes. Clarice Starling, now a full-fledged special agent, picks up his trail, hoping to recapture the wily psychoanalyst with a taste for human flesh.

Norman Bates (Psycho)

Absolute the greatest fictional movie murderer character of all time.The character was based on real-life serial killer Ed Gein.Bates suffered severe emotional abuse as a child at the hands of his mother, Norma Bates, who preached to him that women and sex were evil.After all, Norman’s mother was a very dominant person while Norman was just a weak little puppet.
Since dealing with problems can be a difficult thing when you’re an insecure person, Mother took over when necessary. But the easiest way to solve problems is to eliminate them. Playing two people at the same time can be an exhausting thing, so Norman, to save his energies, unconsciously took the easy solutions. What better way to get rid of unwanted visitors than stabbing them with kitchen knives? After all, everyone has a kitchen and some knives in their house don’t they?

If you know better movie murderes share with us in comment box!

Are you Jesus???

10 Craziest self-predicted Jesus

Jim Jon
es,claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus, Akhenaten, Buddha, Lenin, and Father Divine.
James Warren "Jim" Jones was the American founder of the Peoples Temple cult. On November 18, 1978, most Peoples Temple members committed mass suicide by drinking poison in their isolated agricultural intentional community called Jonestown.
Jones authored a booklet, called "The Letter Killeth" pointing out what he felt were the contradictions, absurdities, and atrocities in the Bible, but the booklet also stated that the Bible contained great truths.
Members of Jones' church called Jones "Father" and believed that their movement was the solution to the problems of society and many did not distinguish Jones from the movement. The group gradually moved away from mainstream Christianity.
One of his sources of inspiration was the controversial cult leader Father Divine. Jones had borrowed the term "revolutionary suicide" from Black Panther leader Huey Newton who had argued the slow suicide of life in the ghetto ought to be replaced by revolutionary struggle that would end only in victory (socialism and self determination) or revolutionary suicide (death).

Grigory Grabovoy,quack healer who claimed he would cure any disease at a distance

A Russian religious leader who claims the ability to abolish death, resurrect the dead, cure cancer and AIDS, teleport, pinpoint mechanical problems on airplanes, and that he is Jesus. Some sources call him a cult leader. He promised grieving mothers of the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis that he could resurrect their dead children... for an amount of rubles roughly equal to US$1500, each.
On April 7, 2006 Grabovoy was arrested in a Moscow hotel and detained on suspicion of fraudulently obtaining money from parents of the Beslan tragedy, a charge that carries a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Michael Travesser, the american Messiah who prophesied the September 11 attacks

Michael Travesser was born Wayne Bent in 1941. He is the spiritual leader of the self-proclaimed cult, Strong City, which consists of about 77 people living in Travesser Park, near Travesser Creek in New Mexico as well as other devotees around the world.

Travesser claims that all his teachings have been given to him by God. He teaches that the Son of God is the archangel Michael. Michael first appeared in Jesus of Nazareth, making this his first coming. At his second coming, Michael manifested himself in Travesser. However, Travesser does not teach that he is the only person of this second coming. Instead, the Son of God will appear in all who "love his appearing" and will yield to his appearing in them, making them truly the Sons of God.

The group believes that Travesser prophesied the September 11, 2001 attacks. On September 10, 2001, he posted the following in his blog:

"You have gone far enough, and now I will show you who it is that rules in the heavens. You have built your Babylonish tower, but I will make the top to break off and its foundations to sink into the mire. You will see the stability of the sand you have built on. You will try everything to save it but it will not be saved."

Travesser's writings contain frequent injunctions against the nation and culture of the United States, which he considers to be decadent, if not outright evil.

December 15, 2007, to Travesser's followers, will constitute the end of the process in which they receive their reward from God which also includes the desolation of the earth.

Sun Myung Moon, the korean billionaire and Messiah who reformed Hitler and Stalin

The Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon (1920) is the founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, in Seoul, South Korea. Members call Rev. Moon "Father" (short for "True Father"). At the age of 40 and recently divorced, Moon married the teenage daughter (17 years old) of Mrs. Soon-ae Hong, who at the time did the cooking for the church. Many members were surprised and dismayed, as some believed that they had received revelations that they would be the 'bride of the Messiah'.

Moon arrived in the United States for the first time in 1965 and was considered by many to be manipulating young adults with heartwashing and brainwashing methods. The Unification Church became known for its mass weddings, or, as they called it, 'a blessing of couples'.

Moon reportedly spent a billion dollars from business-related sources to establish and support the influential conservative newspaper The Washington Times, which he called in 2002, 'the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world'

On 2004, Moon announced that he would save everyone on Earth as he had saved the souls of even such murderous dictators as Hitler and Stalin, who he claimed had received 'the Blessing' through him. Moon said the reformed Hitler and Stalin vouched for him from the spirit world, calling him 'none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent'.

Matayoshi Mitsuo, the japanese politician who is God and Jesus Christ

Matayoshi Mitsuo is an eccentric Japanese politician with the conviction that he is the God and Christ.

According to his program, he will do the Last Judgement as the Christ but the way to do this is totally within the current political system and its legitimacy. His first step as the Savior is to be appointed the prime minister of Japan. Then he will reform Japanese society and then the United Nations should offer him the honor of its General Secretary. Then Matayoshi Jesus will reign over the whole world with two legitimate authorities, not only religious but also political.

He has presented himself in many elections but he has not won yet. He has become well-known for his eccentric campaigns where he urges opponents to commit suicide by hara-kiri.

Sabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Messiah who converted To Islam

Leader of the largest messianic movement in Jewish history, Sabbatai Zebi was born in Smyrna (Turkey) in 1626. He "revealed" himself to a band of followers as the "true Messianic redeemer" designated by God to overthrow the governments of the nations and to restore the kingdom of Israel. His was expulsed from the city.

In Salonika, Sabbatai took the Torah as his "bride" with full Jewish ceremony, an act that also got him kicked out of that city too. He spurned his first two wives, divorcing them because, he said, he was waiting for God to "send him a bride". That bride was Sarah, a Polish prostitute who had long maintained that she was "destined" to marry the Messiah.

Back on Smyrna, he declared himself again as the expected Messiah in the synagogue, this time with the blowing of horns, and the multitude greeted him with: "Long live our King, our Messiah!" His popularity grew with incredible rapidity, as not only Jews but Christians also spread his story far and wide. His fame extended to all countries.

Sabbatai's message was anything but orthodox: he urged people to "free themselves of all inhibitions" and revel in life's pleasures. Sexual promiscuity and nudity were suddenly in fashion as virtues.

Yet, Sabbatai's time of glory was brief. He was arrested at sea by Turkish authorities who had heard rumors that he was conspiring to overthrow the sultan. Summoned before the sultan and ordered to choose between death by torture or conversion to Islam. Sabbatai renounced Judaism for the faith of Mohammed and lived well for a time, but his wanton sexual activity and erratic behavior eventually drew fire from Muslim authorities, who exiled him to the remote Albanian seaport of Dulcigno where he died in loneliness and obscurity.

Juhayman al-Otaibi, the Mahdi (Islamic Messiah) who seized the Grand Mosque in 1979

Juhayman al-Otaibi (1936 – 1980) was a Wahhabi militant who questioned Islamic leaders. He stated the necessity for the Muslims to overthrow their present corrupt rulers who are forced upon them and lack Islamic attributes "since the Quran recognizes no king or dynasty". He declared himself to be the Mahdi, the redeemer of Islam.

On November 20, 1979 the Grand Mosque in Mecca was seized by a well-organized group of 1,300 to 1,500 men under al-Otaibi's leadership. The siege lasted two weeks before Saudi Arabian special forces attempted to break into the Mosque. They employed many methods to break down the doors of the Mosque, including tanks, but failed in the end due to the doors' strength. It was General Zia-ul-Haq at that time who directed the Pakistan Army and who finally captured the mosque with the help of French paramilitary forces.

Upon entering the mosque, it was full of dead bodies and waste. The fleeing rebels tried to escape through water tunnels around the mosque, which were then flushed with water to bring the rebels out. 67 people were captured alive and later beheaded.

Henry Prince, the Anglican that was one in the flesh with Christ

Henry James Prince (1811–1899) was the founder of a British cult known as the Agapemonites. Ordained an Anglican minister in 1840 and after just three years, he became convinced of his own divinity, and in 1849 he established the "Abode of Love", on a 200-acre commune near Spaxton in Somerset.

"Look on me, I am one in the flesh with Christ. By me, and in me, God has redeemed all flesh from death, and brought the bodies of breathing men into the resurrection state." he told his followers, about 50 mostly middle-aged, middle-income folk, were charter members of the Abode of Love.

In 1856, Prince the Messiah (who was already married to a woman old enough to be his mother) took a virgin bride, claiming it was his religious destiny. It was supposedly a "purely spiritual union", but his followers were shocked when the young woman became pregnant.

The baby was denounced as the devil's offspring and grew up in the Abode as an outcast and an example of Satan's work. This led to rumors of orgies at Spaxton that caused sensation in the press, and outside contributions quickly dried up. Despite his claims of immortality, Prince died in 1899.

John Nichols Thom, the Cornish king of Jerusalem and Malta

John Nichols Thom (1799-1838) was a Cornish self-declared Messiah in the 19th century Cornwall. Thom came to public view in December 1832 when he tried to be nominated for parliament for Canterbury. He used a name Count Rothschild, lived in Rose Hotel and campaigned in a crimson velvet suit with gold lacings and carried a sword. When Thom received 374 votes, 1/5 of the vote, he began to call himself Sir William Percy Honeywood Courtenay of Powderham, the heir to the earl of Devon, the King of Jerusalem and Knight of Malta.

Thom was locked into the Barming Heath asylum in Kent. His father petitioned for his release. When Thom was eventually released 1838, he again assumed the mantle of Sir William Courtenay, declared himself "savior of the world" and became a wandering preacher. He again used his colorful costume, including an embroidered Maltese Cross and his sword that he claimed was Excalibur.

Thom gathered a following of more than hundred people and convinced them that their faith would make them invulnerable to steel and bullets. He also claimed that he could slay 10.000 men by hitting his left hand with his right and if he would be shot, he would come back to life three days later.

When Thom and his followers paraded in and around the countryside near Boughton, so authorities sent three constables to arrest him. Thom shot constable John Mears, mutilated the body with his blade and threw it into a ditch. The same day, authorities sent 100 soldiers of the 45th Foot regiment to village of Dunkirk to arrest Thom and his followers. Thom would have none of it and shot lieutenant Bennet who was leading his troops. Soldiers opened fire and killed Thom and nine of his followers.

Muhammad Ahmad, the Mahdi that lasted 6 months

Muhammad Ahmad ibn (1844-1885) was a Muslim religious leader, a faqir, in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. In 1881, Muhammad Ahmad proclaimed himself Al Mahdi al Muntazar, or "expected one", and started to raise an army. Mohammed Ahmed used a V-shaped gap in his teeth to prove he was the Mahdi.

With Sudan in his hands, the Mahdi formed a government. The Mahdiyah (Mahdist regime) imposed traditional Islamic laws. The Mahdi added to Islamic law the declaration that "Muhammad Ahmad is the Mahdi of God and the representative of His Prophet".

He died six months after his liberation of Khartoum, and the state he founded fell victim to colonial maneuverings that doomed it to reconquest in 1899.

Happy Haloween

On October 31st, you will likely see witches, ghosts, goblins, skeletons, demons, and other evil characters knocking at your door and hollering "trick or treat", and they will expect a treat or you will be tricked. There will be parties where kids (and even adults) bob for apples, tell fortunes, or go through haunted houses. There will be decorations of jack-o-lanterns, witches on brooms, and black cats. It is the only day of the year when we give free food to strangers and display carved vegetables on our front porches. . .

What is the History of Halloween?
History: The Celtic festival of Samhain is probably the source of the present-day Halloween celebration. The Celts lived more than 2,000 years ago in what is now the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northern France. Their new year began on November 1. A festival that began the previous evening honored Samhain, the Celtic lord of death. The celebration marked the beginning of the season of cold, darkness, and decay. It naturally became associated with human death. The Celts believed that Samhain allowed the souls of the dead to return to their earthly homes for this evening.

On the evening of the festival, the Druids, who were the priests and teachers of the Celts, ordered the people to put out their hearth fires. The Druids built a huge new year's bonfire of oak branches, which they considered sacred. They burned animals, crops, and possibly even human beings as sacrifices. Then each family relit its hearth fire from the new year's fire. During the celebration, people sometimes wore costumes made of animal heads and skins. They told fortunes about the coming year by examining the remains of the animals that had been sacrificed.

The Romans began the conquest of the Celts in A.D. 43 and ruled much of what is now the United Kingdom for about 400 years. During this period, two Roman autumn festivals were combined with the Celtic festival of Samhain. One of them, called Feralia, was held in late October to honor the dead. The other festival honored Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. Apples probably became associated with Halloween because of this festival.

Trick or Treat
Halloween was a time for making mischief - many parts of England still
recognise Halloween as Mischief Night - when children would knock on doors demanding a treat (Trick or Treat) and people would disguise themselves as witches, ghosts, kelpies and spunkies, in order to obtain food and money from nervous householders.

Halloween is also know by other names:
All Hallows Eve
All Hallowtide
The Feast of the Dead
The Day of the Dead

Halloween in Welsh is 'Nos Calan Gaeaf'.

Halloween is correctly spelt as Hallowe’en.

Black cats were originally believed to protect witches' powers from negative forces.

A pumpkin is really a squash, and comes from the same family as the cucumber.

About 99% of pumpkins sold are used as Jack O' Lanterns at Halloween.

The biggest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales at a whopping 1,446 pounds. This gigantic gourd was weighed in October 2004 at a pumpkin festival in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada.

The record for the fastest pumpkin carver in the world is Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio. He carved a pumpkin in just 37 seconds!

The very first jack o' lantern was made out of hollowed out turnips.

Ringing a bell scares evil spirits away.

If you see a spider on this night, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you.

To meet a witch, put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night.

Robocop VS Terminator and Alien VS Predator-video

Crazy mouse party

"The Walt Disney Co. Thursday said it took appropriate action against employees at its Paris theme park who were caught simulating sex while dressed as Disney characters in a digital video that has received wide attention on the Internet." ... "The video shows Minnie Mouse struggling to free herself as she is grabbed from behind by Goofy and then a giant snowman. Later, Mickey Mouse simulates sex with the snowman and Goofy does the same with either Chip or Dale, the chipmunks, as laughter is heard on the tape."

Crazy VW beetle collection-crazy bugs

VW beetle is amazing car ,look what crazy fans do with their normal looking bugs .