Ghosts-fake or real

Today i found this story.That reminds me on my childhood when i first time saw ghost.
Some people says that ghosts dont exist, OK maybe not but check this post and look all of videos and then think again.

A few days ago women claims she has a ghost in her TV discovered by her 18 month old.

Tracey Taylor took a photo of her daughter Faith as she was dusting the TV.

When she got the photos developed she spotted a mysterious face on the TV screen.

She insists the TV was off and there was no one else in the room reports The Sun.

When she showed the photo to Faith she exclaimed: "That's Ben."

Tracey, of Lower Ince, Wigan said: "I think we should get TV ghost hunter Derek Acorah down her immediately. It really is dead weird.


KVachon said...

Wow, I still think ghosts are real. And the fucked up part is... I could fake all those ghosts in post production. Very simple photoshops, but still wicked creepy....

Anonymous said...

The 1st 2 vids scared me shitless, but the 3rd one i didn't see anything and the 4th woz unclear. Some1 tell me wot there woz in the 3rd 1.

Anonymous said...

in the 3rd when the person pans over to the left, theres something WEIRD!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what was in the third one either. They all look fake to me.

Thomas said...

Ghosts don't exist.
If they did there would be some credible evidence considering the billions apon billions of people who have died.
It's all baloney.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Ghosts ARE FAKE. Firstly alot more people has died than the world population.. Funny we see humans more than ghosts. Alot more.. Also people don't think outside the square for this.. Animals are just like us... We don't see any animal ghost stories on tv? I've seen a tonne of ghost pics and vids.. Wierd cause programms I have on my computer like Photoshop and Sony Vegas pro, I can do all of the ghost videos and pics I've seen. Finally, an eye can play many tricks on u.. If you are scared of
Ghosts and stuff like that then u will more likely to see one. But that is your
Mind and eyes. An eye has 18 cycles in a second not infinite. Peace out and spread this. *I wrote this and thought hardly about this*