Why crazy and weird?

First of all I'd like to thank all of you dear crazy visitors. The crazylinkz site gain first 500,000 visitors, yeah, half a million of you crazy people reading our weird articles and crazy stories! Our final goal is to be one of the greatest source of weird and crazy material on the internet and even wider. Our designer team is working hard on our new crazy looking design, which will replace our existing, perhaps for some of you problematic design(firefox users).

From now on the articles on crazylinkz will be published theree times a week. From 01/01/07 the articles will be posted daily. In the future you can expect tons of crazy, weird, bizzare, strange and funny news, stories, videos, games, and pictures. What's more, we're negotiating with some of the famous cartoon authors to bring their crazy and weird cartoons to our site.
The world we live in is a strange place with bizzare, crazy things going on all the time, and as souch it is our endless source of inspiration. So crazy visitors prepare for the new, improved, and crazier craziest site in the net.
Last but not the least, I'd like to thank all of this listed sites helping us to collect all this crazy stuff.

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