10 Worst Cartoon Characters of all Time

tweetyTweety Bird
You know there's a problem when every single kid roots for the "hero" to be devoured in each episode. No sense of humor. No personality. Annoying voice. Plus he was always tattling. I knew kids like this growing up. Most of them ate paste, sat in the front of the bus, and got me in trouble.

Grapegrape ape Ape
A real moron. All he knows how to say is his name. And he does so non-stop for a half an hour. I'd rather watch "Davey and Goliath covet their neighbors model airplane."

Olive Oylolive and popeye
Am I the only one out there who thought this was one lady NOT worth fighting over? And that's what they did every episode! She talks like Edith Bunker and looks like a pipe cleaner with a cheap hat. Hey, Popeye, you're a sailor... you can do better! Plus Olive can never decide if she wants to date that jerk Bluto or not. The girl is just bad news.

Petuniapetunia pig Pig
Remember her? Porky's girlfriend? She was a real zero. What was the point of her anyway? To make Porky look good? Come on, who did they think they're fooling. We all know Porky is gay.

Pebbles & Bam-Bam, as teenagers
peebles and bam-bam
What were they thinking? Were they trying to cash in on the "Joanie loves Chachi" thing? And how come every cartoon teenager plays in a crumby rock band? An awful, and thankfully shortlived, idea.

Pepe Lpepe le phewePew
Hello, Warner Brothers, ever heard of sexual harassment? Let's take a good look at this character; a horny, rapist skunk who's attracted to other species! NOT good for the kids. Plus, worse still, he's French.

Alan, from Josie and the Pussy Catsalan
How weak was this "Fred" clone? They even gave him an ascot, for crying out loud. Well, I knew Fred. I grew up with Fred. Fred was like a friend of mine. Let me tell you something...you're no Fred.

Zan awondertwinsnd Jayna, the Wondertwins
How many times do we have to say it? Leave the crimefighting to the professionals! "Form of... an idiot!" They should have been voted out of the Hall of Justice a long time ago. There's no room for dead weight in this game.

Gazoo, from the Flintstoneskazoo
It's like "Hmmm, a miniature, green spaceman who appears only to Fred Flintstone isn't enough of a stretch. I know! Let's give him a snotty London accent!" Um, could I get a drug test from Hanna Barbara, please?

Scrapscrappy doopy Doo
And, really, who else COULD it be? This guy ruined Scooby Doo! Just came in and ruined it! Scrappy is the Yoko Ono of Saturday morning cartoons. I can't even talk about it anymore. It's too upsetting.


Anonymous said...

scrappy doo would kick your ass but otherwise your completely right all those characters are worthless waste of cartoonists money.

Anonymous said...

LOL I agree with all of those, Scrappy should have been put on a leash and dragged behind the Mystery Machine

Anonymous said...

I do agree i used to watch scooby doo all the time, but now that little cock munch showed up its the biggest load of crap on tv

Anonymous said...


fae said...

AMEN now as far as the other side of the coin,, recently anyway is surly 'murderface' from metalocalypse, 'carl' from ATHF and 'Zander Cruse' from frisky dingo. I would be hard pressed for the best of all time.
~~~kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a little hard on Kazoo. He has now grown up to become our new Secretary of the Treasury! On second thought...